March 2014

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National Employee Benefits Day Story Contest

American Bar Association Releases FMLA Case Report

401(k) Balances Double, But Concerning Trend Surfaces

Workers Embrace Plan Choices of Private Health Exchanges

Report Shows Women Lag Behind Men in Saving for Retirement

Aon Hewitt: Year Two Enrollment Results Show Private Health Exchanges Can Mitigate Costs and Create Greater Individual Accountability

5 Things You
Should Never Wear
to a Job Interview

What you wear – and, perhaps more importantly, what you choose not to wear to that job interview – could make all the difference in whether you get your foot in the door.

 Go Easy on Cologne/Perfume - If the smell remains in the office even after you’ve left, it can leave a lingering doubt in the mind of the manager about whether you’re the right fit for the job.

 Put Your Best Feet Forward - Want to show you’re a polished candidate? Throw some polish on your shoes. Along with avoiding scuffed up loafers, you definitely want to leave flip flops and sneakers in your shoe bin.

 Don't Reveal Too Much - wearing anything too revealing to a job interview can expose you – and not in a good way.

 Don't Be Too Flashy - A green jacket may be something you strive for at the Masters, but when it comes to an interview, avoid flashy colors and out-of-date styles for suits and jackets.

 Don't Hang By a Thread - You don’t want to look like your clothes came out of the back of the closet. You don’t want to wear clothes that are frayed, old or clothes that don’t match the job.

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3+ years general HR administrative experience required including experience with data entry (preferably in Oracle and ADP)

Strong computer and analytical skills including knowledge of MS Office products (advanced Excel skills preferred)

Strong customer service orientation and professional maturity

Associate's or Bachelor’s degree preferred

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Submit Your Story For Our Annual
National Employee Benefits Day Celebration!
by Sam Gruenbaum, President, BTHR Solutions

In honor of National Employee Benefits day, BTHR Solutions has published humorous and heartwarming stories of life in HR and Benefits in each of the last few years. These true stories and amusing anecdotes are enjoyed by thousands of our HR and Benefits colleagues across the country.

You may remember some of last year's stories, including: the employee who wanted to use his health insurance to cover TWO wives, the non-smoker who thought she needed to take a smoking cessation class to avoid tobacco user rates and the 75 year old retiree who was outraged his insurance would only cover four Viagra pills a month!

We will select the most interesting or compelling stories from this year's submissions (please send them in by Monday March 31) and publish them (anonymously of course) on our website and in a special edition of Viewpoint. Each selected author will receive a $25 American Express Gift Card with compliments from BTHR Solutions!

Submit Your Story Today!

March 2014 Spotlight: Helen Jefferson

"Flexible, Reliable, Pleasant”

When it comes to describing the model employee in three words, you’d be hard pressed to come up with a better combination than “flexible, reliable and pleasant,” and that’s exactly what we’re hearing about this issue’s Spotlight Employee, Helen Jefferson.

Helen has been with BTHR BeneTemps since 2010 and our clients have been thrilled with the contributions she has made to their operations. Helen is currently on contract at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary supporting a variety of activities and Diana Keller (Manager, Benefits and Training) is the newest of Helen’s many fans. “Helen arrived just as Annual Enrollment was getting started here and she was able to make an immediate contribution at a busy and important time.”


401(k) Balances Double, But Concerning Trend Surfaces  
Since the market hit the bottom in March 2009, the average 401(k) balance has nearly doubled in size, but stocks aren’t the only source of increase: close to a quarter of account growth came from employee and employer contributions.

Workers Embrace Plan Choices of Private Health Exchanges 
Nearly 60% of employees chose a health care plan providing a different level of coverage than what they previously had before their employers offered them coverage through a private health insurance exchange, according to an Aon Hewitt analysis.

Aon Hewitt: Year Two Enrollment Results Show Private Health Exchanges Can Mitigate Costs and Create Greater Individual Accountability

As employers search for new and innovative ways to provide competitive benefits to employees, positive second year enrollment results from Aon Hewitt demonstrate that the Aon Active Health Exchange is delivering on its promise to engage consumers, offer broad choice and control cost.

During the enrollment season last fall, more than 600,000 employees and their family members enrolled in group health benefits for 2014 through the Aon Active Health Exchange.

75% of enrollees felt confident they chose the health plan that offered the best value for them and their family and 87 % liked being able to choose among multiple carriers.

The average cost increase in fully insured premiums for companies returning to the private exchange in 2014 was 5.1%, including the reinsurance fees levied on all group health plans under the Affordable Care Act while average health care cost increases for large U.S. employers are likely to be approximately 6% to 7% in 2014.

42% percent of employees chose a moderately-priced Silver plan, which was closest to what they had before enrolling in the private exchange, 31% chose a Bronze plan and 27% chose a Gold or Platinum plan.

Most employees said they based their choice on price (32%) and the desire to choose a plan that offered coverage similar to their current plan (23%).



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