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The Job Market Is Back!

Employee Spotlight: Roenita Harris

US Job Growth Surged Last Month

5 Things To Think About Before Choosing Your 2016 Benefits

Customer Satisfaction With Health Insurance At 10-Year Low

More States Are Initiating Programs to Encourage Retirement Savings

6 Ways To Make Smart Open Enrollment Choices

4 Tips for Starting a Job Search from Scratch

Whether you are fresh out of college, having a midlife career change or deciding retirement isn't for you, you first must realize job searching has changed. It's different than it was a decade ago, and it's different than it was last year.

1) It Starts With The Resume
Some people will say resumes are being phased out, and they may be yet, but for now, a solid resume is still key to any job search

2) Focus on Social Media
Start following companies you would like to work for. Be a part of the community. Research how companies recruit employees.

3) Think About Starting a Blog
This is a great way to showcase your portfolio and expand your network. Blogging can be a great way to network with others in the community and build your online presence.

4) Build & Use Your Network
Figure out what meetings people you want to meet are attending, attend a few industry conferences and join groups they are involved in. Figure the hot topics in your industry and discuss them. Build relationships.

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Featured Job

Benefit Specialist
Metro-West Boston, MA


5-10 years experience as a Benefits Administrator/Specialist including experience with Health & Welfare Benefits and 401(k) Retirement Benefits

Strong project management skills and proven project management experience

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The Job Market is Back!
by Sam Gruenbaum, President, BTHR Solutions

It's been over 7 years since the beginning of the Great Recession, and just last month the unemployment rate finally got back down to 5%, its lowest level since April 2008. It's been a long time coming, but we think we can now officially say that the unemployment crisis is over and done with. Additionally, the unemployment rate for professionals with a bachelor's degree or higher is down to 2.5%. Economists consider 4% to be "full employment, meaning that basically everyone with a college degree has a job.

The point is, it's been almost 8 years since the job market was this tight and qualified candidates were this rare. The post-recession days when the biggest problem in filling an open position was sifting through dozens of qualified applicants are over. Now, finding someone with the qualifications you need is the hardest thing to do.


Employee Spotlight: Roenita Harris

When we set out on our careers, we usually have a vision in mind. Get an education, find a good entry-level position, pay our dues, catch a break here or there, and settle into a satisfying and successful professional life. Of course, anyone who's been alive long enough knows that you can make all the plans you want but eventually life is going to get in the way and make you find another path.

Our spotlight employee in this edition of Viewpoint knows that all too well. Roe Harris started her career providing administrative support in an HR office and when an opportunity opened up for her to take over a Benefits Administration role, she "took a deep breath and said OK." That was 25 years ago, and she's still a benefits professional today!

Over time, Roe became a skilled Benefits Specialist and after a couple of layoffs, she found us at BTHR Solutions. "I tried other recruiting firms," Roe recalled, "but the focus here at BTHR is on benefits and you've always been able to find me positions." Since we've known Roe, she has completed numerous contract assignments for our clients as a Benefits Specialist, always receiving rave reviews from the companies at which we placed her.


US Job Growth Surged Last Month
U.S. job growth surged in October after two straight months of tepid gains, with the unemployment rate hitting a 7-1/2-year low

Five Things to Think About Before Choosing
Your 2016 Employee Benefits
Each year around November, many of us get an opportunity to enroll in our company's employee benefit programs. It is very important that you take the necessary time to understand your options and make your choices carefully.

Customer Satisfaction With Health Insurance Hits 10-Year Low
Customer satisfaction in the industry has slipped to its lowest level in a decade. Overall satisfaction with health insurance fell 1.4% to a score of 69 in the 2015 American Customer Satisfaction Index, released Tuesday.

More States Are Initiating Programs to Encourage Retirement Savings
Nearly 68 million workers do not have access to work-based retirement plans like 401(k)'s for companies and 403(b)'s for nonprofits and government employees. But that is now changing as more states have begun exploring different ways to create savings vehicles for those not covered by existing tax-deferred savings programs.

Six Ways To Make Smart Open Enrollment Choices
Every year as Thanksgiving beckons, companies across the country engage their employees in an exercise called open enrollment. Some employees just throw up their hands in confusion. Don't be one of them. 


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